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Hall of Fame

  Poland 326 
  Russia 258 
  Spain 199 
  Hungary 154 
  Chile 138 

 RS 330 
 dP 210 
 TaG 157 
 CKC 155 
 che 145 

  KinslayeR 188 
  Incog 184 
  OREL 96 
  Ray 91 
  djFlow 67 
  Dulek 64 
  Csongi 63 
  Warg 59 
  Uzurpator 50 
  Flori 49 

Player's Guide

You can play in as many WO tournaments as you like, collecting points and medals for yourself, your country, and your clan (if you are in one). If you only want to play, you don't need to register, you will be "registered" automatically after your first tournament.

Signing up

To play in a tournament, all you have to do is show up at the time shown on the site, and send a private message to one of the tournament's moderators. This PM should contain your nickname, country and clan (or "no clan"), and whether you can host. Most moderators will not reply to this message, but occasionally post a list of every signed up player to the channel.

If you need to leave for some reason at any time, please don't disappear without a word, notify one of the moderators.


After the signup period (which lasts for at least 20 minutes), a moderator will create the pairings and post them in the channel. This might take a bit, so please be patient, and don't spam the channel with useless messages.

When you know who your opponent is, decide who will host, then set up the game. If the moderator has already finished posting the pairings and you still don't know whom you should be playing against, ask him.

In all WO games, the scheme file set by the moderator must be used, no exceptions. If you host, grab the scheme file from this site first. If your opponent hosts, check the settings, and don't let them use a different file.

All players must agree on the map. If your opponent keeps trying to select maps you have never seen, and you're not comfortable with this, ask him to host a map you both know.

After the game, the winner must report to the tournament moderator.

Handling cows

Cows happen. Sometimes accidentally, sometimes not. Sometimes you can't tell which one. A general way of handling them would be this:

Milk them.
• If someone kills the opponent by cowing, the opponent wins automatically.
• If someone kills one or more worms by cowing, he has to kill the same number of his own worms having at least as much health.
• If someone damages one or more worms by cowing, he has to do similar damage to his own worm(s), even if it kills them.
• If someone cows without causing any damage (e.g. missing, blocking in certain schemes, etc.), he has to skip once.

These rules only affect the first cow. Not doing the penalty or cowing the second time automatically results in losing.

After the tournament

After the tournament is over or if you are eliminated, please upload your replays from that tournament, even if you lost in the first round. Don't rely on your opponents to do this, if they don't, you will lose points too, along with your clan and country.

Your replays will be added to the site as soon as humanly possible. You only get your -1 points after one week to give us some time to do this. So if you cannot see your replay right away, there is no reason to send it again, we just probably haven't had time to add it.

For "best of 3", "best of 5", etc. games please only send the last replay.

Please do not zip/rar your replays; this will not make them smaller, but it will make their uploading slower.
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